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Development of Netball in Quebec

Quebec Amateur Netball Federation (Q.A.N.F.) is a non-profit organization which has been helping to promote involvement in sports in our community for the past 35 years. Netball is very similar to basketball. Our players range from 8 years to over 50 years.

Our aim is to foster, develop and promote the game of Netball and in so doing not only produce elite athletes, but also responsible citizens who will be assets to their community. It is widely recognized that sports is a positive agency in helping to produce the well rounded individual, and it is within this environment that we nurture our members. Community organizations such as the church and some schools sanction our organization by providing us with space to hold meetings and netball practices. Through the endeavours of the Quebec Amateur Federation we are aware that the drop-out rate at school of our athletes is at a minimum.

Every year the Q.A.N.F. participates in the National Netball Championships held in different provinces. This event is usually the climax of the Netball season. Q.A.N.F. boasts champions in various divisions and this achievement undergirds the morale of the players. The experience gained at this championship is invaluable to our members as it is within this milieu that lasting friendships are formed. Our participants are primarily of Caribbean origin and from Commonwealth countries but the organization welcomes anyone whom we can inspire to be a top achiever to its program. Over the years, several players have been selected to represent Canada at the World and Commonwealth Championships.

The game is a community pastime for our members, with well-organized tournaments.


Until 1972, Netball, an international game, was virtually unheard of in Quebec. Quebec players have participated in many World Tournaments, junior and senior and international games, the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur in 1998, and in Manchester (England) in 2002.

Quebec players have participated in World Tournaments in:

  • Singapore
  • Scotland
  • Australia
  • England
  • Trinidad
  • New Zealand
  • Jamaica
  • Fiji

Quebec players were on the touring Canada Team in 1990 when they went to the United Kingdom, and the Americas Qualifying Games in Grenada in 1997.

Local Tournaments (Mixed)

  • Coupe du Quebec
  • Jean Cambridge
  • Open "A"
  • Open "B"
  • Open "C"
  • Under 23
  • Under 18
  • Under 13

Introduction to Netball

(its origin)

Netball originated in England about 1901. Canada's own Dr. James Naismith, without knowing it, invented Netball in its basic form, since it is very similar to the original women's Basketball game. By 1915, the game was played in many Commonwealth countries but was not formally introduced into Canada until 1966. It has now become established in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and British Columbia.

The sport is a team game that involves all seven team members as they pass a light leather ball down the court. The objective is to score a goal by throwing a ball over and through a ring ten feet from the ground. A player may not run with the ball or hold it for more than three seconds. Once a player has the ball, a fair opportunity must be given to throw it or to score. It is a non-contact game characterized by quick throwing and catching, by dodging and positional play, as well as by running and leaping.

The game is played on a court measuring 100' (30.48m) by 50' (15.24m).

What is Netball?

It is a team game of seven players, played on a hard surface.

How is it Played? What are its features?

A leather ball is passed down a court - the object being to score a goal.

The court is divided into thirds.

Each of the seven players has a specific position.

Two players only may attempt to score.

The ball can be held for no more than three seconds.

Running with, or bouncing the ball is not allowed.

Obstruction and contact are not permitted.

In which countries is it played?

Netball is the national sport for women and girls in many Commonwealth countries, Africa and South East Asia

Why play Netball?

It is a game which is easily learnt and does not involve complicated skills.

The equipment is not expensive.

It does not require too much space. It is fun! It can be played indoors and out-doors.

Why is Netball popular in many countries?

It is a real "team" game - no one player can dominate the game.

Anyone - short, tall, wide or thin can play. It is a quick, strong, energetic game, with no body contact.