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The Quebec Amateur Netball Federation is seeking donations to assist us with development of the sport of Netball in Quebec.

Netball is a game played by both men and women. Netball is played internationally and is recognized as a Commonwealth Sport. Though similar to basketball, netball is the ultimate team sport, because it forces players to develop not only their personal ball skills but also to develop their ability to work with and to trust others.

By promoting Netball, the QANF assists our young athletes in developing both athletic and interpersonal skills, which will aid them in life outside of sports.

Over the years, our activities have been made possible through the generous contributions of donors. We are currently seeking donations for our Development & Recruitment Program.

QANF is participating in the Placements Sports program offered by SportsQuébec. All gifts of $25 or more will allow the QANF to benefit from matching gifts provided by the program at a rate of 290%. For example, a gift of $100 will translate to a total of $390 ($100 + $290 from Placements Sports). To take advantage of this program, donations must be made using the donation form at the link below.

We are asking for your most generous support. Help us keep Netball alive in Quebec!

Donations can be made through bank transfer or credit card. A monthly donation option is also available.

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