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Red Socks United Netball Club

Red Socks Netball Club was established in 1982 and is located in Montreal, Canada. Our club provides the opportunity for women and men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to practice the sport of Netball for recreational and competitive purposes.

Our Vision:
We are committed to develop and promote all facets of the sport of Netball.

Our Mission:
Red Socks Netball Club is committed to develop and promote the sport of Netball by fostering a respectful, supportive and nurturing environment where every member has the opportunity to maximize her/his potential, to hone her/his skills as a player or official and to have fun in the process. We are also committed to cooperate with other Netball clubs in conducting events designed to promote this sport.

Our Values:
We uphold all principles, policies and procedures in the QANF constitution. We work cohesively within the Quebec/Canadian organization to develop Netball.

Our People:
We develop and maintain skilled and highly trained players, coaches, umpires and officials.
We encourage mutual trust and respect.
We work together to create a cohesive unit.

Our Contact Information
Telephone: 514-731-6671 (Peggy-Ann Edwards)

The team can be reached by e-mail using the online form under Contact Us.