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Hairoun Netball Club - Club Sportif Hairoun

Formed in the 1970's, Hairoun was conceived as an association that housed many sports, netball included; in 1989 it was incorporated under the name Hairoun Sports Club. From the beginning, the depth found in this organization was boundless. Many of Hairoun's players have and still do participate at the international level, it was the first team in Quebec to train male players, and former club president Jean Cambridge's contribution to the sport is celebrated annually with an invitational netball tournament and with a recognition award named after her.

After almost three decades, Hairoun has been able to carry its legacy yet still be relevant and accessible to new generations of netballers. It has managed to maintain established players, while continually renewing itself by drawing new and exciting talent. It is this duality that makes Hairoun Netball Club an integral part of the netball community, locally and at large. Come join us!

You can see more information about the Hairoun netball club on their Facebook page, by clicking here.

Manager: Noreen Mc Neal
Coach: Annette Bowen, Glen Garraway, and Kenton Henville

Our Contacts:
Petra Mc Neal - (514) 825-3043
Annette Bowen - (514) 774-8956
Noreen Mc Neal - (514) 748-9363

The team can be reached by e-mail using the online form under Contact Us.