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Congratulations to Alyana Alexander!

Congratulations to Alyana Alexander, the member of the Quebec Under 23 team who was awarded the Jean Cambridge Bursary at this year's Nationals Banquet.

In 1996, Netball in both Quebec and Canada suffered a great loss at the bereavement of Jean Cambridge, an ardent promoter of the sport. In addition to her dedication to the various aspects of Netball, her commitment to community development extended beyond the parameters of the netball milieu. In response to her fierce dedication to the overall development of the individual netball player, a special Bursary named in her honor was created. This year, it was to be awarded to a deserving Quebec Netball player on the Under 23 Provincial Team.

Alyana was selected for her outstanding academic accomplishment, her active participation in a club and as a player on the Under 23 Provincial Team, and her dedicated work towards the development of the sport. Congratulations Alyana!