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Laureats Sportifs 2015

The 2015 Laureats Sportifs for the borough of CDN/NDG was recently held on the evening of Friday, October 23. Photos from the event can be seen by clicking here. The nominations from the QANF can be found below:

Upcoming Athlete: Nickelia King
This athlete made her Netball debut this year. In her first season she has distinguished herself by developing her skills and quickly proven it by becoming the principal scorer for the Quebec Under 23 Netball Team. Being new, did not stop her from not only becoming a first line player this year, she was also awarded National Rookie of the Year at the 41st Netball Canada National Championships. Nickelia King has shown that she has a bright and promising future ahead of her, in her chosen sport.

Sportsmanship: Terrian Julien
For over the past 2 years this athlete has shown the true meaning of sportsmanship in her sport. She is a source of encouragement whether her team is up, or fighting to come up. Her presence on the court automatically sets a pace of determination for fellow teammates, due to the whole-hearted way in which she participates. Her time as a player has seen her chosen as a member of the Quebec Under 23 Netball Team, with this year being no different for the 41st Netball Canada National Championships; she was a first line player. The positive outlook Terry Ann Julien has while playing, along with her growing skills and natural talents, is a great benefit to others around her. The attitude she has of be good, no matter win or lose, is the kind that is very much encouraged in Netball.

Borough Athlete: Alerna Fisher
This athlete has played the game of Netball for the past 2 years, and within that time has proven herself to be a very versatile asset to her teams. She has quickly developed the ability to play multiple positions in her sport, along with excelling in her main one. She is a constant participant in the beginner to mid-level tournaments and was a first line player for the Quebec Under 23 Netball Team in the 41st Netball Canada National Championships. Alerna Fisher’s dedication to the development of her talents and her sportsmanship is a wonderful benefit to her sport.

Photo: Nickelia King accepting award.